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The attic is an unconditioned (unheated) space and should be roughly the same temperature as the outside. Protect your home against the season’s elements. Without the proper insulation and air tightness, heated air is escaping from your attic and cold air enters from the outdoors. WALLTITE spray foam applied in your attic will prevent heat loss from your roof space. Other benefits of WALLTITE include.

  • Offers high R-value means high energy efficiency - Insulation levels are measured by R-value. The R-value measures the ability for a material to resist heat flow. A high R-value means an advanced insulating ability.
  • Prevents ice damming by insulating your attic and preventing heat loss - Ice damming is caused by heat escaping the roof and melting the snow. The heat causes melting snow to collect on the roof. The water will then run down the slope and refreezes before it drains through the eavestroughs to form a dam.
  • Stops the growth of mould and rot - Excessive moisture can cause the growth of mould and rot which can lead to the severe damage to your home. WALLTITE controls the amount of moisture by creating a vapour barrier to stop moisture movement.

Bonus Room

Most homes have a room above the garage that is often referred to as a bonus room. The bonus room can suffer from being too hot in the summer, and too cold in the winter. When the temperature of your bonus room starts to match the outdoor temperature, it’s a sign of a problem with your insulation. When applied to the garage ceiling, WALLTITE provides these benefits:

  • Controls the temperature of the room - A common issue is extreme temperature due to the inadequate insulation between the floor of the room and the ceiling of the garage. Adding WALLTITE spray foam insulation will create an air barrier to keep your desired temperature consistent. WALLTITE above the garage with its high R-value creates a warmer floor for the bonus room to increase the comfort of your family.
  • Prevents moisture problems - When the extreme temperature from the outside meets the inside temperature, condensation occurs. This leads to the formation of mould and mildew. WALLTITE provides an air barrier and a vapour barrier to help control moisture transfer due to the extreme air temperature differences. WALLTITE reduces moisture and condensation risk in the wall, which reduces the growth of mould and mildew, compared to traditional insulation.


WALLTITE helps your home stay warmer in the winter months and cooler in the summer. A poorly insulated wall allows air movement to compromise indoor temperatures. Apply WALLTITE to the interior or exterior of your walls to reduce energy loss. Benefits of WALLTITE include:

  • Provides long-term energy and cost savings - Energy costs are increasing every single day. WALLTITE will help your home use less energy required for heating and cooling to result in lower utility usage.
  • Maximum insulating performance at minimum thickness - As an insulation/air barrier system, WALLTITE provides space efficiency due to its high R-value/inch. It saves valuable living space compared to other insulation products.
  • More versatile than conventional insulating material - WALLTITE functions as an air and vapour barrier to improve indoor air quality and reduce air leakage which improves moisture control; increasing your home’s durability and energy efficiency.
  • Completely seals gaps and cracks due to its expanding properties - The application of WALLTITE creates a seamless insulating layer with no joints or gaps to provide a continuous air seal.


Compared to other parts of your home, the basement tends to be cold and damp. The exterior walls absorb underground temperatures on all sides of the building structure. Since there is no barrier between the interior and exterior, the coldness and dampness will enter your home. This results in an unpleasant and uncomfortable indoor living environment for your family.


WALLTITE offers these solutions for your basement when applied to the wall:

  • Prevents moisture collection - Spray applied, WALLTITE solves humid basement issues due to its ability to perform as an effective air and vapour barrier. It transforms your basements into a drier, healthier and more comfortable living space for your family.
  • Provides airtightness and high R-Value insulation - WALLTITE spray foam insulation can completely seal your walls to make the basement airtight. It will reduce temperature fluctuations; saving money on heating and air conditioning costs.
  • Controls and limits the amount of radon and soil gases - When applied on your below-grade basement walls, WALLTITE CM01 has been tested by the Canadian Construction Material Centre (CCMC) as an effective barrier against the ingress of soil gases, such as radon into your home. Additional protection can be achieved by applying WALLTITE CM01 to your basement walls.


Spray application of WALLTITE under your basement’s slab helps to keep your family safe and healthy. It provides the following major benefit:

  • Controls and limits the amount of radon and soil gases - Radon is a radioactive gas that comes from the breakdown of uranium in soil and rock. When radon is released into the outdoor air, it's not a concern because it dilutes in the air. In enclosed spaces such as your home, it can penetrate through your basement and accumulate to high levels. This could become a high risk to the health and safety of your family. WALLTITE CM01 has been tested by the Canadian Construction Material Centre (CCMC) as an effective barrier against the ingress of soil gases, such as radon, into your home when applied under the concrete slab.

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