HP Wall System

High Performance Walls

High-Performance Walls for the Future

As a construction expert in today’s ever-changing residential marketplace, you are constantly looking for innovative ways to differentiate yourself from your competition. We’re here to help you do just that, with our HP+ Wall System. Featuring high-performance, easy-to-build assemblies that combine proven BASF products into a layered system, the HP+ Wall System goes beyond the four walls to care for the entire building envelope.

All in One System

The HP+ Wall Systems feature high-performance, easy-to-build assemblies with BASF products combined in one layered system. The advanced three-layer system features:

WALLTITE Spray MasterSeal Application Neopor Application

Beyond the durability that the HP+ Wall System provides, it also controls heat, air and moisture allowing homeowners to enjoy the benefits of improved air quality and lower energy consumption.

The HP+ Wall System is available in multiple assemblies, each engineered to fit your unique construction approach, materials and geographic mandates and requirements.

HP Wall Systems Series XR

HP + Wall Systems XR Series

The XR Series provides the highest effective R-value of all the wall series without increasing the wall thickness. We also offer the XR-S Series that offers the additional structural strength for seismic zones, while still offering a high R-value.

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HP Wall Systems Series X

HP + Wall Systems X Series

The X Series is ideal for higher stories where you need additional strength. It uses plywood sheathing along with WALLTITE to provide up to 300% more racking strength than a conventional wall.

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HP Wall Systems Series E

HP + Wall Systems E Series

The E Series is our most simplified wall system. It’s used to construct walls that are no thicker than conventional walls and can be easily integrated into traditional building methods.

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Video and Projects

Videos & Projects

Explore how the HP+ Wall Systems can help you achieve high effective R-value and meet the challenges of the increasingly stringent building codes.

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Technical Reports and Certification

Technical Reports and Certifications

Download our technical reports and certification details.

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Experience a HP+ Wall System for residential construction featuring high-performance, easy-to-build assemblies with BASF products combined in one system.