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Technical reports & certifications

Evaluation reports CCMC

The Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) assesses compliance with Canadian building, energy and safety codes. The CCMC is the only code compliance assessment service for construction products provided and supported by the Federal government of Canada. The evaluation reports provide code compliance assessment of standardized and innovative construction products. Please download the evaluation reports to obtain technical information about BASF’s product's compliance with the requirements of Canada's national and provincial construction codes.
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DrJ evaluation reports

Applicable only for HP+ Wall Systems
Technical Evaluation Reports by DrJ evaluate the HP+ Wall Systems on the model building codes, provincial building codes, referenced standards, or other industry standards as appropriate to each individual evaluation. In addition to codes and standards, accepted engineering procedures, experience, and good technical judgment are used. The intent of a TER is to prove code compliance to the relevant building codes. Therefore, DrJ provides demonstrated equivalency to materials, products, or methods of construction approved by the code per IBC Section 104.11. The TER provides confidence to all interested parties that the HP+ Wall Systems fulfills specified requirements.
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