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The HP+ Wall System X Series is a structural assembly that complies with codes when built as an air barrier system (ABS). Nominal insulation R-values can range from R-25 up to R-32 using 2 x 4 wood framing. The X Series offers exceptional strength against high winds and seismic movement.

HP Wall Systems Series X

Build Stronger: Create a stronger wall assembly designed to endure challenging conditions.

Build Smarter: Construct a wall assembly that incorporates continuous insulation and an air/vapour barrier system without the need for a conventional vapour and weather resistive barrier.

Build Sustainable: Minimize energy loss with reduced air leakage and high R-values.

Systematic Success

The HP+ Wall System X Series is designed to deliver a smart new way to build affordable, high performance homes.

The wall assembly features the following:

  • 2x4 wood framing at 16" or 24" on center construction
  • minimum 1/4" OSB
  • 2" Neopor® graphite-enhanced rigid thermal foam insulation. Also available in different thicknesses and R-values to fit your climate zone needs and code requirements
  • MasterSeal® NP1
  • 2 1/2" WALLTITE® insulating air barrier material
  • Extra room to add more WALLTITE for an increased R-value

Strength in Numbers

By combining 2 x 4 framing with foam sheathing, OSB, and spray polyurethane foam in a composite design, the HP+ Wall System X Series can increase structural integrity. When properly designed and installed, the HP+ Wall System can offer one of the best values available for residential construction.

Benefits include:

  • Stronger walls with increased lateral load resistance as compared to a typical wall (studs and exterior sheathing)
  • Improved moisture management that can mitigate thermal and structural issues; reducing potential builder callbacks
  • Suitable alternative to the HP+ Wall System E Series in high seismic and wind zones

Build a Better Barrier - Thermal, Air, Water and Vapour Drive

With integrated thermal, air, water and vapour flow management in a single system, the HP+ Wall System X Series provides an effective building envelope against severe Canadian climates.

  • Provides higher thermal performance in 2x4 wood framing and interior square footage without increasing the building's footprint
  • Reduces thermal bridging with continuous insulation which can also perform as a weather resistive barrier
  • Creates a superior air and vapour barrier using WALLTITE and MasterSeal NP1

Tested wall assembly. Increased peace of mind.

The HP+ Wall System X Series has been tested by third party organizations and evaluated by CCMC.
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