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BASF is a global leader of chemical solutions for all types of construction projects. With many products in our portfolio, BASF can help solve even the most complex construction challenges. At BASF, we create chemistry.

Geotechnical Construction

ELASTOPOR application BASF has applied extensive experience and processing know-how in polyurethane systems to develop resilient product solutions for some of the most difficult engineering problems. BASF geotechnical solutions are specifically formulated and extensively tested for applications including concrete & foundation stabilization, void filling large spaces like mines & sinkholes, and erosion control / slope stabilization.
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Protective Coatings

Applying protective coating BASF has extensive polyurea and polyurethane formulations that are suitable for a wide range of coating applications that have been proven to deliver protection from corrosion and other elements. Abrasion and water-resistant BASF coatings for tunnels, bridges and manholes, are formulated to both reinforce structural integrity and maximize life span. Elastocoat® spray-applied protective coatings can be used in a multitude of demanding environments.
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Roofing Systems

SKYTITE roofing The SKYTITE® spray foam roofing system is suitable for both new and retrofit roofs. It can be applied directly to an existing substrate in 95% of retrofit cases, eliminating the cost of tear-off, reducing the amount of waste going to the landfill, and limiting interior exposure and downtime. Seamless and self-flashing SKYTITE roofing eliminates thermal bridging and provides superior insulation properties with its high R-value. For more information on SKYTITE spray foam roofing, call Steven Cole at 306-914-1866 or email at PMConstruction@basf.com
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SKYTITE roof coating SKYTITE roof coatings provide industry-leading protection for roofing. With a fast application time, higher tensile strength and improved low-temperature elongation, these coatings can stand up to almost anything while remaining cost-effective.

SKYTITE spray applied elastomeric coatings for roofs provide a weatherproof membrane that improves performance and adds protection from the elements. BASF Canada currently provides silicone coatings for low-slope roofing applications and use over polyurethane foam insulation. For more information on SKYTITE roof coatings, call Steven Cole at 306-914-1866 or email at PMConstruction@basf.com
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