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The contractors listed below are part of our Foam Masters national network program. To learn about our other installers in Quebec, please contact your local BASF representative:
Martin Potvin +1-514-239-8087 or email at
François Rheaume +1-514-216-5282 or email at PMConstruction@basf.comㅤ

Isolation Nicolet Inc.

8420 boulevard Raoul-Duchesne
Bécancour QC G9H 2V5

  • Contact: Maxime Par?
  • Phone: 819-293-6117
  • Email: info@isolationnicolet.comㅤ
  • Specialization: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Agriculture

Isolation Turco

6 rue du Commerce
Saint-Christophe-d'Arthabaska QC G6R 0Y4

T.N.G. Isolation

2884 rue Saint-Dominique
Jonquière QC G7Y 1A1

  • Contact: Janick Bouchard
  • Phone: 418-547-3809
  • Email: info@tngisolation.comㅤ
  • Specialization: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Agriculture

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