WALLTITE - Projects

With the goal of promoting energy efficient homes, WALLTITE® has been used to meet the stringent energy performance requirements for a number of projects:

Mike Holmes "Lien on Me"

The industry: Construction

The challenge: Rebuild a home from the ground up with an eco-friendly design that is built to last

The solution: WALLTITE® polyurethane insulation products
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Des Hauts-Sommets Secondary School

The industry: Architecture and construction

The challenge: Design and build a high-efficiency school that justifies the additional construction cost with exceptional return on investment

The solution: A model school that includes WALLTITE and ENERTITE polyuretane insulation products from BASF
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Alouette Homes and BASF

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) chose Alouette Homes as one of twelve finalists to build demonstration homes as part of its EQuilibriumTM housing initiative. And Alouette chose BASF products WALLTITE®, ENERTITE® and Neopor® for their outstanding insulation and air barrier values, as well as for their environmentally sound properties.
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